ATHSS – Vol. 1 Year 2017

International tourism within the context of Polish-Ukrainian relations

by Olha Bilaniuk – view full text

The article analyzes the problems and prospects of development of tourism as a part of the Ukrainian-Polish cooperation. Attention is paid to the differences in the tourist traffic between the Ukrainian and Polish border areas. The priority trends in the development of tourism within the context of the Polish-Ukrainian relations have been analyzed.

Keywords: tourism, international tourism, inbound and outbound tourism, cross-border cooperation and tourism infrastructure

The analysis of the investment attractiveness of the Carpathian region of Ukraine

by Sofiia Diakiv – view full text

Formation of an integrated strategy to attract foreign investment at the regional level through regional marketing is not only effective lever for development of certain areas, but the full realization of the economic potential in general. In the article the attractiveness of the Carpathian region to investment and competitiveness; uncovered tourist and recreational attraction and its benefits among other regions of Ukraine are analyzed. The state and problems of investment development of the Carpathian region of Ukraine are described.

Keywords: Ukraine, Carpathian region, foreign investment

Educational geotourism in loess areas as a new element of tourism products of a local and regional scale

by Leopold Dolecki – view full text

Geo-protection, i.e. protection of elements of inanimate nature, in particular those sites which are rare and exceptional, consists in the preservation natural monuments often unbeknownst to the general public. Such monuments can be of significant educational interest; they can also contribute to boosting of economic activity of local society. However, such tourism attractions require specialized and properly planned promotion policies at a local and regional scale.

Keywords: trans-border tourism, geotourism, regional promotion

Active tourism development in the Carpathian region

by Mykhailo Hamkalo, Pavlo Romaniv, Volodymyr Rozhak – view full text

During the last decades there has been an increase in popularity of types of active tourism in the Carpathian region of Ukraine. It is due to such favourable conditions as significant differences in elevation, dense river network, development of tourism infrastructure, diversity and attractiveness of natural resources and significant cultural and historical heritage.

Keywords: active tourism, Ukrainian Carpathian region

Culinary tourism – a new trend in the cultural tourism of the Ukrainian Carpathians

by Roksolana Lehan, Irena Agnieszka Pidek – view full text

 Culinary heritage is an important element of cultural tourism, which resulted in setting up a separate form of tourism – culinary tourism. Research undertaken in the Ukrainian Carpathians revealed that culinary tourism is rapidly growing there and has good prospects in the future. It develops based on the products of local agriculture and livestock. The Ukrainian Carpathians are characterized by ethno-cultural diversity, which is also reflected in the specifics of regional cuisine.

Key words: cultural tourism, culinary heritage, Ukrainian Carpathians

Using marketing tools in development of Rozluch tourist center in context of cross-border cooperation

by Nazarii Mandiuk – view full text

The most promising types of tourism product Rozluch tourist center Turka district, Lviv region are described. The main prerequisites for the formation of tourism products available resources and tourist infrastructure, development prospects are analyzed. The presence of Rozluch opportunities for rest (medical and health, ski, environmental, agricultural, etc.), development of balneotherapy based on mineral water in environmentally attractive terms are considered. Specificity and suggestions for using different marketing tools of the Rozluch tourism product for its further development and popularization are submitted. The application of territorial marketing tools, elements of product marketing policy, promotion and distribution policy are analyzed. The need of positioning and repositioning Rozluch tourism product, development and maintaining its favorable positive image are considered. The formation and use of the marketing strategy of the tourist center Rozluch proposed and substantiated.

Keywords: tourism infrastructure, marketing tools

Tourist product promotion in the mountainous border regions of Lviv oblast

by Andriy M. Manko, Nazarii L. Mandiuk, Andriy S. Kovalchuk – view full text

This article describes the most perspective types of touristic product in the mountainous border regions of Lviv oblast, i.e. Turkivskyi and Starosambirskyi regions. Then, the basic prerequisites of these touristic products formation as well as the present tourist resources, infrastructure and prospects of development, are analyzed. The article presents the suggestions on the advancement of the touristic product in these areas aimed at its further development. It also describes the application of “Public Relations” resources and branding elements, advertisements and sales promotions aimed at the regions positive image establishment and sustainment on the whole and their separate objects.

Keywords: touristic product, tourism, tourist route, touristic product advancement, advancement policy, Public Relations, branding

Transboundary tourism cooperation. Sofiyivka of Lviv

by Yuriy Matichyn – view full text

Sofiyivka is the area in Lviv, located on the border of Halytskyi and Sykhivskyi administrative districts of the city. It is as area of important and fascinating historic heritage; it is also a prominent part in the tourist routes of joint Ukrainian-Polish groups. On account of common historical heritage, it is a very interesting and informative experience for tourists interested in exploring the slightly forgotten past of the city of Lviv.

Keywords: Lviv, historic heritage, tourist routes

The theoretical basis of hospitality industry in the cross-border Ukrainian-Polish dimension

by Ihor Pandyak – view full text

We have analyzed the evolution of the main approaches to the concept of “hospitality industry” among foreign and Ukrainian scientists. We have specified the semantics and the system of concepts of “hospitality”, “tourism industry”, “hospitality industry”. We have discovered and proved the structure of the hospitality industry, its subordination and the relationship with the tourism industry. We have analyzed and specified the main stages, factors and current trends in the development of the hospitality industry.

Key words: hospitality, hospitality industry, tourism industry, hotel business, restaurant business, service industry

Technologies of tourism project management effectiveness increase in the framework of transboundary cooperation programme

by Iryna Purska, Iryna Zhuk – view full text

The article substantiates the importance of trans-boundary cooperation between Ukraine and Poland, characterizes in a nutshell the main tourism projects within the framework of trans-boundary cooperation and proves the importance of using modern technologies to increase their productivity and effectiveness in Ukraine. Much attention in the research is paid to studying project management technologies. In particular, the constituent parts of a successful project, such as communication, dataware and personnel management are analyzed in detail. It also highlights the process of project management organization using the modern technologies of project management.

Key words: trans-boundary cooperation, project management, tourism project, communications, data ware, project planning, work productivity

The role of physical recreation in preventive healthcare 

by Aleksander Ronikier – view full text

Proper amount of motor activity constitutes an efficient and significant factor that helps to maintain personal health. The role of physical recreation as a significant factor in maintaining good health is clearly visible in the research on elderly individuals. Maintaining an adequate level of physical performance in this population through recreational activity exerts a positive influence on their health state positively and makes them independent. Such activities certainly affect the state of healthcare and reduce the expenditures of healthcare units on treatment and rehabilitation of a large number of seniors in Poland.

Keywords: physical recreation, seniors, preventive healthcare

Towns of Lviv oblast: cooperation in tourism sphere

by Yuriy Zhuk – view full text

The definition of the sustainable tourism is considered. The purpose of the integrated spatial formation of the CBR, and its priorities are considered. The criteria for tourism development are analysed. The options for the development of touristic agglomerations are proposed. The problems that hinder the development of effective tourism and recreation industry are analysed and key objectives of local policy to encourage the development of tourist activities are identified.

Keywords: Lviv Oblast, town, sustainable tourism, cross-border region, touristic agglomeration


Published in 1.2017