ATHSS – Vol. 2 Year 2016

Merapoh as a potential eco-tourism destination: Malaysian perspective

by Foong Li Na, Ng Kok Meng, Sharina Puteh

Transborder cooperation in the use of healing springs of Lviv region as objects of religious tourism

by Marta Malska, Natalia Antoniuk, Marie I. Fil

Academic and tourist organisations in Lviv in the 19th and early 20th century and their influence on the development of Polish-Ukrainian tourist contacts

by Aleksy Chmiel, Franciszek Midura

Geomorphosites as integral part of Geo-Karpaty Ukrainian-Polish geotouristic route

by Yuri Zinko, Martha Malska, Ihor Bubniak, Roman Hnatyuk, Leonid Skakun, Andrzej Solecki


Prof. Olaf Rogalewski, ph.D. (1924 – 2015). Professor’s life and his contribution to tourism

by Waldemar Błaszczuk

Academic, teaching and research activity of Professor Olaf Rogalewski, concerned with Wrocław

by Jerzy Wyrzykowski

Professor Olaf Rogalewski as a precursor of tourist land management in Poland

by Andrzej Kowalczyk

Professor Olaf Rogalewski at WSTiH and WSSP

by Franciszek Midura, Henryk Stefanek

Information on Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality in Warsaw

19 Years of work of prof. Olaf Rogalewski, Ph.D. At the Main School of Planning and Statistics / Warsaw School of Economics

by Stanisław A. Bąk, Zygmunt Bosiakowski

A handful of memories of Professor Olaf Rogalewski

by Anna Konieczna-Domańska

My acquaintance with Professor Rogalewski

by Adam Bajcar

My “hospitality” and Professor Olaf Rogalewski’s contribution

by Zenon Błądek

Professor Olaf Rogalewski: knowledge – perseverance – open-mindedness…

by Jan Paweł Piotrowski


10th Anniversary of Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality in Warsaw

by Olaf Rogalewski

The staff of Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality in Warsaw in the academic year 2001/2002

Published in 2.2016