Rules of reviewing in ATHSS

All materials published in ATHSS except for conference papers, information and additional materials are reviewed. The reviewers of texts to be qualified for publishing are academic staff members not related to the University of a given author. It is also advisable that the Reviewer has never cooperated with the Author, has never written any publications together before, etc. Every text is assessed by two Reviewers. The scientific record and the relation to the field of study are taken into consideration when choosing the Reviewers.

The reviewers of texts sent by students or authors with the following degrees: engineer, medical doctor, master of science are senior academic staff members or people holding a PhD. If one of the authors in a team is a senior academic staff member their text is reviewed by senior academic staff members.

The Authors do not know the identity of their Reviewers. Also the Reviewers are not informed about the identity of the second Reviewer.

The list of the reviewers of all publications in a given year is announced in the last edition of ATHSS.

In the event of texts from outside Poland one of the reviewers is always affiliated with the scientific institution outside Poland.

Every review should be submitted in the form of the following review sheet.

Review sheet


If one of the reviewers sees the text unfit for publishing, the text is not published.

After the review the Author receives all the comments and if the text needs corrections, the Author makes the content-related alterations but editing is made by the editorial staff with the consent of the Author.